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A certified AI financial engine for real-world data

Our core AI engine, ABACUS, was officially verified and validated by a state-certified software testing organization, TTA (Telecommunications Technology Association)*.

The solution must adhere to rigorous standards in terms of accuracy, performance, and quality, etc. ABACUS has demonstrated outstanding results for all the quality requirements, meaning our AI predictive models have been certified for its high accuracy, high performance, high stability and reliability, etc.

ABACUS is currently live on U$10B of personal loan asset in one of the largest banks in Korea holding $400B of asset, and will conduct underwriting on behalf of the bank, with our licensed AI technology approved by Korea’s financial regulator.

If you want to find out more or test your data with ABACUS, please feel to reach out at contact@aizen.co.

*The Telecommunications Technology Association (TTA) is a statutory organization established in 1988 to support the establishment and dissemination of ICT standards as well as to provide testing & certification service for related ICT technologies. More than 15,000 standards have been established and disseminated to contribute to the development of Korea’s ICT industry. (Source: TTA https://www.tta.or.kr/eng/)