Abacus – AIZEN


ABACUS is our AI Operating System that allows an “autonomous-driving” in Finance. This AI engine optimize key decision-making processes with AI business applications across key value chains in Finance.

ABACUS, provides a systematic approach to expedite data analysis and modelling process, enabling users to build high-performance predictive models without deep expertise in AI technology.

Data Upload
Data Preparation
Data Sampling
Algorithm Selection
Model Evaluation

A straight-forward series of AI modelling process from Data Pre-processing, Feature Selection, Model training, Validation and Prediction

Allow users to manually choose multiple algorithms, use recommended algorithms or AIZEN's own Ensemble algorithm optimized for each business strategies



Easy Target Setting
  • Set target prediction value(Y) with just one click
  • Instant review of basic statistics for each data variables e.g. Overall credit rating distribution and averages in graphs
Algorithm/Sampling Recommendation
  • Use automated recommendation of optimized algorithms and sampling methods
  • Compare different modelling results and choose a model with the best performance
Flexible Model Upgrade
  • Easily add/delete/modify input variables and build new models with flexibility
  • Reflect trends in time-series data with our self-evolving model
Real-time Prediction Result
  • Create a batch prediction with new data sets based on the trained model
  • Make predictions on real-time transaction data from the legacy system via API