Wibee FinTech Lab 1st Demo Day – AIZEN


Wibee FinTech Lab 1st Demo Day

Wibee FinTech Lab

WooriBank, one of the leading banks in S.Korea holding U$300B of assets, is running a FinTech business incubator center called “Wibee Fintech Lab”.

AIZEN was selected in the 1st phase of Wibee Fintech Lab in 2016, and is currently developing a new AI-based personal loan product in cooperation with Woori Bank.

Wooribank is holding a 2nd Demo Day in December 2017, where companies selected to join the 1st and 2nd phase of the lab will showcase their innovative solutions at the event.

Mr. Kang, the CEO of AIZEN, on the fifth right.
(Source: WooriBank, Wibee Fintech Lab 1st Demo Day in 2016)